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You make the difference

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  • CLASSROOM SPEAKER:  If you have a career in an area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Medicine and would like to give back to a rural classroom by speaking in a group at one of our school trips, please contact us!

  • MENTOR:  As we continue to interact with our rural students, requests for mentors (in-person, by email or phone) and job shadowing opportunities arise frequently.  If you would like to volunteer any of these services, please contact us!  Our goal is to match students to a corresponding professional in their specific career interest.  Volunteers can always determine their level of involvement and are the backbone of our program.  We so appreciate your willingness to step up and support this important cause!

  • CONNECT US:  If you have relationships with school educators, leaders, social influencers or other pertinent organizations, please connect with us and learn more about ways you could be an invaluable part of spreading the word and the opportunities that STEMM FIRE provides. 

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Over the Phone

Please give us a call at 


By Email

Please send us an email at

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